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About C.S.I.Loving Shepherd Church

The C.S.I Loving Shepherd church was started on 15th Feb 1981 at 6.15PM with 10 families at No 57, Thiruvalleswarar Nagar Chennai – 600 040 and named as St.John church..

Rev. John Dhanapaul, Mr. Dalvi, Mr. Sundaram, & Mr. Thomas have taken all efforts to start the church. Initially it was in 10x15 square feet rented building and grown with a congregation of 300 members.

Due to the storm in 1983 the thatched prayer hall had collapsed. But the congregation worshipped with full and more enthusiasm. This incident only paved the way to construct a new church for us to worship. Based on that vision during 1985, 8.5 and 22.5 grounds situated near Welcome colony and Soundariya colony came for public auction from Tamil Nadu Housing Board.

Jesus said "You are the salt of the earth……. And the light of the world" that is exactly what the Loving Shepherd Church has been proving over the years. As far as the growth of the church is concerned, God answered the prayers of the Congregation and did wonders.

To purchase the above said property the then congregation assembled every night at Thangam colony church and prayed unto the Lord, the God. The God heard and answered their prayers immediately.

To purchase the above said property the then congregation assembled every night at thangam colony church and prayed unto the lord the god. The god heard and answered their prayed request immediately.


The whole 31 grounds property were purchased from TNHB on public auction at a rate of Rs 60,100 per ground by paying an advance of Rs 15,000 from our church. Out of the total purchased ground 8 grounds are being ear-marked for our CSI Loving Shepherd Church. The rest of the 22.5 grounds are being ear-marked for the present CSI Ewart Higher Secondary School.

In 1986, in the allotted 8 grounds a thatched shed was established to conduct the worship by Rev. Dam Clement. Till then the church name was St. John church. In 1989, the name of our church was renamed as CSI Loving shepherd from St. John.

During 1994 our beautiful existing church was constructed under the guidance of Mr. James Natraj and Secretary Mr. Raslin Rose by way of our congregation member donation. It was dedicated by Bishop Rt. Rev Azariah during this period Rt. Rev.Samson Pushparaj was Presbyter in charge.

The list of Pastors served Our Church

S.No.FromToName of the Pastor in Charge
119811985Rev.Dr.John Dhanapaul
219851987Canon.A.George Karunakaran
319871990Rev.Dr.D.Manual Clement
419901995Rev.Dr.Samson Pushparaj
519951999Rev.Bramwell Samuel Kumar
619992002Rev.Dr.Arun Gopal
720022007Rev.A.John Victor
820072012Rev.T.Sampath Bagavan Doss
920122017Rev.S.Jacob Selvan
102017till nowRev. Dr.G.Paul Dhayanantham