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Our Church Choir

C.S.I LOVING SHEPHERD Choir is 27 years old and famous for the youthfulness of its sound and its daring and adventurous musical programming. The intimate acoustic of its musical home has given it a relationship with early sacred music and the rhythm. There are 25 members including youth and 3 teenage boys and girls along with the Organist. The first organist of our church is Evangelist Solomon then succeed by Jerry Thangaiah . Now we have S.EDWIN DAS and G.JOHN SUNDAR.

The Choir has many award-winning recordings to its credit. The choir meets to rehearse at 7.00 pm on every Saturdays. Although most of the singers are amateur musicians, and come from all walks of life, the musical standard is excellent.

Loving Shepherd choir has the unique credit of having nurtured the congregation, pooling them together during the earlier days of the church, by way of playing an instrumental role in the family prayer meetings, carol rounds, collection of funds for the various church programs in the absence of the regular fellowships during the initial years. Their participation and contribution to increase the existing congregation is laudable.

Choir Members

  • Mr. Edwin Das (CHOIR MASTER)
  • Mr. John Sundar
  • Mr. Ashley Clements
  • Mr. Benin Vijo David
  • Mr. John Selvin
  • Mr. Justus
  • Mr. Lavy Moncy
  • Mr. Muthaiah James
  • Mr. Paul Moses
  • Mr. Raj
  • Mr. Robert Singh
  • Mr. Sam David
  • Mr. Shinu Rajan
  • Mr. Sunil Sekar
  • Miss. Amirtha Ruth Rachel
  • Miss. Besheela Blesslin
  • Miss. Denipa
  • Miss. Felica Mabel
  • Miss. Felicit Beneta
  • Mrs. Felicita Sundar
  • Miss. Gracia Mabel
  • Miss. Jane Mangula
  • Miss. Jasper Grace
  • Mrs. Jency Jacob
  • Miss. Jenita
  • Mrs. Jereena Kanagaraj
  • Miss. Josfel Flora
  • Mrs. Miraculine Blessy
  • Miss. Rajula William
  • Miss. Sherine Giftlin