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Sunday School

  • C.S.I LOVING SHEPHERD church Sunday school is 30 years old and has more than 300 children are being spiritually developed by nearly 30 teachers by the grace of God.
  • To strengthen the children in the Bible knowledge. Children in churches and schools are categorized according to their age and encouraged to learn and study the Bible, discern the false teachings, live witnessing, knowing the history and the growth of the churches and get strengthened in their faith in the Lord.
  • Teachers, Guide materials and work books are based on the diocese syllabus. Students at schools are given learners guide to learn more things from The Bible. In the month of February, a test is conducted for the students and attractive prizes are given to the winners.
  • Training camps for the Sunday school teachers are conducted periodically.
  • Every year, through students are reached at different place in the Diocese, of which most of them are Non – Christian Students.
  • The Vacation Bible School (VBS) has valuably supplemented the work among children in this Diocese. The courses are conducted in several centers each year and are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Timings: 9.00 to 10.15 every Sunday.

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Sunday School Ministry

  • Mrs. Alice Christy Manoharan (CONVENER)
  • Mrs. Helen Jeya Edwinraj (CO-CONVENER)
  • Mrs. Mary Sheela Bai
  • Mrs. Ruby Herbert
  • Mrs. Ahila Justus
  • Mrs. Alice Christy
  • Mrs. Amali Isaac
  • Mrs. Angel Preethi Shinu
  • Mrs. Ann Paul
  • Mrs. Annie Sudha
  • Mr. Ashwin
  • Mrs. Beulah Joseph
  • Mr. Bezylal Praysingh
  • Mrs. Chitra Vimal
  • Mrs. Dayana Moncy
  • Mrs. Florence
  • Mrs. Freeda
  • Mrs. Helen Chellakkan
  • Mrs. Janet
  • Miss. Jenifer
  • Mr. Jeremiah David
  • Mrs. Jessie Josh
  • Mr. John D. Rodney
  • Miss. Lincy Anitha
  • Miss. Monica
  • Mrs. Priscilla
  • Mrs. Rachel Jaimon
  • Miss. Rejula David
  • Mrs. Ruby Edwin
  • Miss. Starlin
  • Mrs. Sweetlin
  • Mrs. Sylvia
  • Mrs. Thangam Robert
  • Mrs. Thelma Rajesh
  • Mrs. Vijaya David
  • Mrs. Vijayalet Dharmaraj
  • Mrs. Vimala David