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Teen Fellowships

  • Children of 13-19 years take part in this fellowship
  • There are separate fellowships for boys and girls
  • The fellowship meets every Sunday after church for 30 minutes
  • Active involvement of teens in all festive seasons such as but not limited to harvest festival, faith festival, mission festival, Church Anniversary, Christmas program etc.
  • Basic foundation on Salvation, Faith, Blessing, Prayer & Fasting.
  • Exclusive workshop on Rapture, Tribulation, Battle of Armageddon, Second Coming, Millennium,Judgement, etc.
  • Visuals on 3rd Jerusalem Temple,Arab-Israel War,Tabernacle,etc.
  • Special Bible study on Daniel and Revelation in powerpoint presentation
  • Journey through Biblical maps, Missionary journeys
  • Interesting insights on Bible characters & Places
  • Leadership training
  • Praise and worship session in church
  • Practical guidance for teens on FAQ
  • Bible games and quizzes

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Teen Boys Fellowship Members

  • Mr. Erskine Mark. A (CONVENER)
  • Mstr. Felix Eddy Newton. N (SECRETARY)
  • Mstr. Gideon Donell Jayaston. J (TREASURER)
  • Mstr. Adley Samson. H
  • Mstr. Arun Peter. A
  • Mstr. Arun Raja
  • Mstr. Chris Jones. R
  • Mstr. Edward Daniel Stephen.
  • Mstr. Elwin Bibin. J
  • Mstr. Gabriel Joseph.
  • Mstr. Jefferin Solomon. P
  • Mstr. Jeffry
  • Mstr. Joel
  • Mstr. John Kenneth. J
  • Mstr. John D. Selwin
  • Mstr. Jerin Daniel
  • Mstr. Jerold. A
  • Mstr. Jeswin Paul Wilson. E
  • Mstr. Kevin Jeyaraj
  • Mstr. Moses Gandhi
  • Mstr. Nelson
  • Mstr. Rishon John Moses. P
  • Mstr. Jeffres

Teen Girls Fellowship Members

  • Mrs. Chitra Vimal (CONVENER)
  • Miss. Angeline Sweety. P
  • Miss. Ashvitha. S
  • Miss. Anlin Praishiya. M
  • Miss. Adline Romona.
  • Miss. Denipa.
  • Miss. Felcia Mabel. S
  • Miss. Gracia Mabel. S
  • Miss. Hepzhibha Salome. J
  • Miss. Joselin J. Betsy.
  • Miss. Priscilla. S
  • Miss. Selarani Juliet.
  • Miss. Shanlee Rebecca.
  • Miss. Reena. S