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Women Fellowship

  • Women fellowship will meet on every Sunday after the morning worship.
  • At every Sunday meetings, activities like Bible study, prayer, testimony, conversations, song practice will take place.
  • Taking part in the women's conference every year.
  • Our fellowship members are taking part in the Church evangelism which is been taking place on every Sunday evenings.
  • During the Diocese evangelism festival, belief festival, harvest festival, women fellowship is taking part by establishing sales counter and thus making money for the ministry.
  • Taking part in the marriage and the couples are given hyms and lyrics book.
  • We meet the church elders and pray for them.
  • Meeting our church members who are sick and pray for them.
  • Meeting the church members who have lost their dear ones and will spend some time with them.
  • Once we hear that our church members are rest in christ, we go to their houses, pray for them and sing songs.
  • When our church is building churches in the villages, the women fellowship is collecting funds for the scheme.
  • During important days like Women's Sunday, Christmas, Lenten days, retreats are being conducted by inviting important scripture speakers. Different kinds of competitions are also conducted and prizes distributed to the winners.
  • During Christmas season women fellowship will take part in the carols and greet the church families.

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Women Fellowship Members

  • Mrs. Dorathy Paul (PRESIDENT)
  • Mrs. Jasmin Azariah(VICE-PRESIDENT)
  • Mrs. Angel Solomon (SECRETARY)
  • Mrs. Shanthi Jacob (TREASURER)
  • Mrs. Edna Selvaraj (CO-CONVENOR)
  • Mrs. Jereena Kanagaraj
  • Mrs. Jency Jacob
  • Mrs. Alice Mani
  • Mrs. Annal James
  • Mrs. Beulah Muthathal
  • Mrs. Chellammal
  • Mrs. Daisy bai
  • Mrs. Ebenezer
  • Mrs. Ezhilrani Srinivasan
  • Mrs. Gomathi
  • Mrs. Glory Benjamin
  • Mrs. Grace Mary
  • Mrs. Helen Packiam
  • Mrs. Jaya Priscilla
  • Mrs. Jane Victoria
  • Miss. Jane Mangula
  • Mrs. Jainthi Mohan
  • Mrs. Lydia Henry
  • Mrs. Lyza Mary
  • Mrs. Marakatham Morris
  • Mrs. Mary Duraisamy
  • Mrs. Mary Jayakumar
  • Mrs. Mary Packiam
  • Mrs. Mary Pondian
  • Mrs. Nirmala
  • Mrs. Parimala Milton
  • Mrs. Rani Mark
  • Mrs. Regina Premchand
  • Mrs. Regila Godwin
  • Mrs. Rita Banumathi
  • Mrs. Revathi Esther
  • Mrs. Shanthakumari
  • Mrs. Sheela Jeyakumar
  • Dr. Shyamala Rajkumar
  • Mrs. Saratha Srinivasan
  • Mrs. Sucila Tagore
  • Mrs. Sheela Susan
  • Mrs. Thanga Stella
  • Mrs. Vasanthi Swamidhas
  • Mrs. Vatsala Devaraj