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Youth Boys Fellowship

  • The youth of the Church are the wealth of the Church.
  • The youth can be seen as the wealth by virtue of the fact that they are the creative and the dynamic energy of the Church.
  • More importantly, with them lies the future of the Church.
  • It is therefore imperative that the Church look at this section of the Congregation with care and with all seriousness.
Every Sunday they meet at 10:30 am
1st Sunday Prayer
2nd Sunday Character based topics
3rd Sunday Biblical related worldly topics
4th Sunday General topic
5th Sunday Senior/Teen/Youth Get-together

As the Bible says to greet one another, the boys of Youth fellowship visit, greet, pray and share the word of God in the eve of the marriage of their fellow boys.

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Youth Boys Fellowship Members

  • Mr. Prince Jesudasan (CONVENER)
  • Mr. J. Meshach Wilson Samuel (SECRETARY)
  • Mr. J. Sajan Jaimon (TREASURER)
  • Mr. Vimal Kumar
  • Mr. Ashwin S.
  • Mr. Ashley H.
  • Mr. Benin Vijo David S.
  • Mr. Benjamin Santhosh Raj K.
  • Mr. Bezylal Praysingh R.
  • Mr. David S.
  • Mr. Don Feghaster R.S.
  • Mr. Ebin Davis D.Y.
  • Mr. Erin Ross S.
  • Mr. Franklin Jose J.
  • Mr. Jerin Ross S.
  • Mr. Jerold Robinson J.
  • Mr. John D. Rodney
  • Mr. Johnson A.
  • Mr. Lino Anand G.
  • Mr. Lujin Daniel D.
  • Mr. Meshach Daniel P.
  • Mr. Paul Moses P.
  • Mr. Pradeep R.
  • Mr. Preethchand P.P.R.
  • Mr. Raja Paul Singh J.
  • Mr. Sajan Jaimon J.
  • Mr. Selvaraj D.
  • Mr. Sundar Raj
  • Mr. Timothy Jabez P.
  • Mr. Wesley Rajkumar S.
  • Mr. Karthick
  • Mr. Patturaj
  • Mr. Koil Raj
  • Mr. Ivan Wesley
  • Mr. Dennis
  • Mr. Mano
  • Mr. Anston

Youth Girls Fellowships

The youth girls of C.S.I Loving Shepherd gather every Sunday after the church service and involve in variety of programmes to grow in spiritual and intellectual way along with prayer and praising. As the Bible says "Remember your Creator in the days of your Youth" the church and the fellowship gathering has provided a good environment to know more about the Lord and to be in a close intimate relationship with Jesus Christ our saviour.

1st week Bible Study
2nd week Bible quiz
3rd week Praise and Worship
4th week Testimony sharing and Intercessory Prayer
5th week Bible Study

As the Bible says to greet one another the girls of Youth fellowship visit, greet, pray and share the word of God in the eve of the marriage of their fellow girls.

Village Ministry

The girls from youth fellowship support the church by joining the Gospel team. They conduct Sunday classes in the villages and involve in spreading the Gospel with church elders among the non-believers and help them in tasting the Love of God.


During X mas girls of youth fellowship support the church in Carol rounds. They visit the houses of the church members along with the presbyter in charge to sing Christmas melodies, wish and pray for the families. Also during Christmas, New Year, Easter and Good Friday services girls of youth fellowship help in distributing the cakes, sweets, bun etc, packing gifts, performing cultural and participating in Sing Song Services.

Found Raising

Girls of Youth Fellowship help in raising fund through sales in faith festival, Harvest festival; Mission festival etc., God loves a cheerful giver. They also collect and contribute for all the fund raising programmes of the Church.

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Youth Boys Fellowship Members

  • Mrs. Margaret Jesse Josh (CONVENER)
  • Miss. Felicit Beneta. E (SECRETARY)
  • Miss. Monica Magdeline. I (JOINT SECRETARY)
  • Miss. Joan Priscilla. S (TREASURER)
  • Mrs. Miraculine Blessy. J
  • Mrs. Junia Jerin
  • Miss. Jessiyal Raj. N
  • Miss. Jebammal Raj. N
  • Miss. Shiny Leona. J
  • Miss. Swarna Ruby. J
  • Miss. Jeba Kersiyal. J
  • Miss. Jerusha. E
  • Miss. Giftline Blessy. J
  • Miss. K. Rani
  • Miss. K. Thankam
  • Miss. Lincy Anitha. J
  • Miss. Merlin Packiarani. J
  • Miss. Besheela Blesslin. R.T
  • Miss. Priscilla Sharon. R
  • Miss. Derlene Joshna
  • Miss. Vennila
  • Miss. Jenita. E
  • Miss. Preethi Evangelin
  • Miss. Evangelina Monica. R
  • Miss. Hazel Sneha Mishma. S
  • Miss. Karolin
  • Miss. Jenifer Jasmine. J
  • Miss. Sneeti Vimal.
  • Miss. Angeline Dyana. S
  • Miss. Josfel Flora